what we are made of


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wishing you a happy Valentine’s day
the cuddly kind where
someone you love
gets to curl up
against you like a little kitty

the surprising kind, too
where your room’s filled
with helium balloons
that you pop
one by one
and you’re showered
with flower petals

and mostly, the magical kind
where your soul
gets to connect
in bodily form
thru any of your senses
chocolates, wine, cheese,
passionate touches

because this is what we’re made of

sum it up


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sometimes, when I’m feeling really objective and analytical,
I can see what a text book,
case study
my own narrative is.
and it helps me
to rise above it all.

but sometimes,
some other times,
I just want to drown it all out
and get lost in a
Sam hunt song
and a daydream of you.

that about sums it up.

New Years Roots

a little toast:

what was once new becomes old,
my new breath: a combination of the trees respiring with your exhale…
every moment is eternal;
the past, present, and future
all come together in our breaths.
it is all one.
and so my friends,
Happy New Year to every single astonishing moment.
the good with the bad,
the joy with the pain…
so here’s to the new and the old
and all that you’ve each inspired in me with your every breath.

one bite of you


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and i’m sitting here twirling my hair
listening to this mixtape
and i picture you
at my door
with a candle
not a big one
a little one
a little candle
cause you’re big enough to use a little candle
you know you don’t need the candle
but you use it.
you light it.
you hold it.
and it makes your eyes glisten.
and it makes our breath noticeable
as the flame flickers.

and it is so enticing
you kill me
you kill me every time.
every fucking time

and i hate you.

but that candle…
like the kind you put on a birthday cake
with those swirls and stripes?
cause that’s how you are
you’re like a fucking birthday cake candle
that holds all the wishes
and i melt you with my breath…
it feeds the fire…

every time i go to blow out the candles,
it’s suddenly like i’m trying to send a boat out to sail
on this wave that i don’t know what to do with.
i don’t know what to do with it.
i can’t put it out.
i just keep breathing and i just wonder…
what happens to these wishes that are illusory?

and so, like most birthday cakes,
i dip my finger into the icing and only take a little sample…
and then i easily, yet kinda slowly,
stroke my fork into and through the chocolate cake portion
and i open my mouth, and i inhale…
i don’t inhale the cake like food addicts do
but, i inhale because i need some breath support to handle this-
tasting this one bite.
this one bite of you.

give me your butterscotch


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i was walking along
i was singing my song
i was out for a date
i was already late
he was up on a hill
sorta icy and chill
and i knew there was no goodbye

he was up in my face
so i gave him my lace
and he pulled out a box
it held 3 butterscotch
then he asked me to dance
and i jumped at the chance
and i knew there was no goodbye

i gave him a golden key
he gave me a golden moon

i gave him a golden tree
he gave me a golden truth

i gave him my silver cage
he gave me a crumbled page
that was engraved
with a map to heaven

there’s falling stars
and the wild things where you are

a grey ride & inside joke


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you know when you find that grey crayon ….
and you wonder,
how much life can i bring you?

everyone is always bitching about the grey areas.
they bitch about accepting them.
they bitch about understanding them.
they bitch about making them more distinctive….

maybe try whale watching, bitches.
grey: magnificent, beautiful, resilient, voyaging.
now that’s a ride.

did you see the movie “whale rider”? it’s fantastic.
sorry, inside joke.