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i love gentle rain.
it kinda makes it feel like
it’s okay to cry some tears.
not heavy and loud sobs,
but nice and gentle ones.

and then there’s those moments
of humidity following rainfall,
where there’s a warm fog hovering
around the earth,
like the earth and atmosphere
are confused as to whether it’s cold or warm.

that’s how it feels after a gentle cry.
your body is kinda cold from the tears and the sadness
but having released them, it’s like a warm embrace
surrounds you
you realize,
the fog isn’t actually confusion like so many have written of it…

it’s actually a reminder:
that when conflict is in the air,
cold, warm, cold, warm
the surroundings respond
and have a way of bringing it all together
into something new.
the fog is a new creation, after all.

it’s all going to be okay.
it’s going to be okay.
and it’s time for new creations.