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and so i walk away from that fire that i built for you.
i know the sun is setting and i should set up my tent.
i’m glad my hair smells like campfire.
i didn’t intend on camping alone, but
i know i’ll be warm enough cause
i packed one of those sleeping bags for subzero weather.
i don’t know why i have a subzero sleeping bag;
i don’t intend on glacier camping, like…ever.
i hate the frigid cold.
but i guess if you were there i would do it.
and maybe some whisky.
cause it would keep me warm.
and help me sleep.
but then hiking would be hard.
hangover hiking, dehydration, and frigid winds.
sounds like an icy mix of hell.

warm whisky, subzero sleeping bag, and you.
that might do.

i laugh at my thoughts.

but back to the tent.
i climb inside, kind of giggling,
daaaaaaaaamn. daaaaaamn.
i’m sitting on my puffy sleeping bag and fall backwards,
my head falling deeply into the sand bedding beneath the tent.
beach camping is great for that.
i huff a sigh…
HOW did you disappear with the malbec???