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i dont feel like waking up from this dream….

i want to run away with you, like they do in the movies, with the top down on the mustang and along the cliffs of BigSur. and i have a headband on and a cute french braid but the wind still blows it all around…..i look at your arm and watch how you grip at the steering wheel and i cant resist but to lean over and kiss tyour bicep…

then we stop, beachside, and i build a little fire while you pour a malbec with your arms draped over my shoulders, kissing my neck while i shiver a little one shoulder shrug…the wine spills onto my knee…and you bend down and lick it off….you’re like a dream. a perfect dream, i keep telling you. and you laugh and tell me i’m fucking crazy. but all i want to do is taste your lips…but i know i should sip the wine you poured….and just as it reaches my lips, you are suddenly gone again, and i sigh, knowing that in my dream i am so intent on having you, but once again, i find myself there alone, fireside, breathing it all in and watching the sunset, not really sure if i am happy or sad, but resigned to accepting it as it is… while wondering….where the fuck did the rest of that malbec go.