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my morning meditation:

some days i feel like Ezekiel.

thank you, to my bones, for carrying this soul around,
especially on the heavy days, because without you,
i would surely fall apart.

thank you, to my tendons, for holding my bones together with muscles.
i’ve always loved glue, but never thought about how much i need you.
thank you, to my muscles, for making these bones
move and go where my soul wills them to.
if i want to flip or roll or jump, your contraction and expansion
allow me to.
and thank you to my nervous system, who sometimes makes me nervous enough
to make a change, to fly away, to shut down, to respond;
but most of the time, i’m not nervous at all.
i’m busy. i’m thinking. i’m planning. i’m feeling.
i’m living.
all of that is due to the innervation you supply and even this love,
this gratitude, this moment of reflection, is thanks to you.

and to God, the very creator of this miraculous life,
i owe my deepest gratitude and bow in humility and worship You.
for You are God.
You are creator.
You are amazing.

thank You, for this life.
somes days I feel like Ezekiel.
heavy or light, You’ve given me the means to carry on 😀