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i’ve worn so many different types of eye glasses:

reading glasses
rose colored glasses
broken glasses
shattered glasses
catwoman glasses
purple glasses
librarian glasses
black n blue glasses
sun glasses
moon glasses
fake glasses
black glasses
red glasses
pink glasses
hello kitty glasses
john lennon glasses
pilot glasses
plastic glasses
glass glasses
superwoman glasses
protective glasses

shoot, i’ve even used
magnifying glasses,
rifle scopes,
and oculars….

and what’s amazing me,
at this very moment,
while i reflect on MY list with poetic license…
chin in my hand like this is the deepest thought of the day and shit….
it’s not what the eye glasses did FOR me…
it is that my eyes knew just how to behave behind each type of frame.

moral of the story, dear reader?  

i don’t need new eye glasses.