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i can’t wait til the spring.

i really want to roll down the hill and smell the earth.

hopefully it won’t be a very rainy spring,

because doing that in the mud wouldn’t smell the same.

someone told me it’s a bacterium that makes that smell.

i don’t care what it is and sometimes wish i didn’t know things like that.

i’ve been reading the poetry of Hafiz and he said,


The stars get clearly drunk And crazy at night And throw themselves Across the sky”

i like to think that the earth smells the way it does for lovelier reasons,


the earth was ravenous for something beautiful and it enveloped all the flower petals from last year before the wind could carry them away or the deer could greedily eat them;

or the snow captured so many scents while it was lying on the ground and then it melted all the fragrances of winter fires, pine needles, and Christmas baked goods into the ground,

or the fallen leaves dissolved like incense and wafted downward into the ground because the earth was breathing so heavily with ecstasy that the heavens couldn’t receive it first.

I think the earth is often really hungry for parts of us that aren’t rotting.

it’s good to play bare foot outside.

the existentialists may say otherwise, but they are also the ones that talk about bacteria.