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some people just really suck at feeling their feelings.

timeless story, old as the mountains.

let the rocks scream and the rivers babble, right?

that way you can hear what you *want* to hear.

i’ve learned that you really can’t always escape though i’m a damned good escape artist.

tired of freaking control freaks.

feel what you feel.  Jesus Christ did. get over yourself.

nature is lovely because you get to be alone.

but it’s not the answer.

you have to be able to be with others, too,

including the thoughts and feelings that they have that you may not want to know about.

wake up. heaven isn’t an escape from everyone.

it’s a union with them.

some call it acceptance, humility, surrender…

(dolt! you dumb assholes)

i’d like to throw a few rocks cause i don’t particularly like what some people think.

thank God for art.