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monday was just madness.

monday made me crazy.

the raindrops weren’t refreshing like they often are.

instead, they were heavy as reality gets and kept dropping on me.

monday made me feel like i was trapped in a sad hole

that some mean hunter dug to keep me from getting away.

there weren’t any mean traps in the hole, at least.

just me and my thoughts, mostly.

monday made me think too much about alternate reality,

different choices, too many what-ifs,

and a bunch of other people’s rainbows.

Monday made me read Schopenhauer and think

about the will, pessimism, and ascetic ideals.

and i really prefer romanticism so that just fucking sucked.

it really made me angry not to just indulge in my subjective ideals.


i can normally do the “raindrops are falling on my head” kinda happy dance,

but not on monday.

funny thing is, it’s tuesday now, and tuesday doesn’t make me feel that way at all.

on Tuesday, i have some perspective.

but not on monday.

monday was just madness.

and monday made me miss you.