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I believe in metaphysical and infinite connection.

I’m listening to the Rend Collective and it’s so uplifting šŸ˜€

I believe music speaks.

I believe silence speaks.

I believe questions are okay.

I believe in promises of redemption and transformation thru God’s love.

shedding the chains of yesterdays’ stories.

It’s time for dancing and romance in the true sense of the word.

I have my compass.

I canĀ lend you my compassĀ if you need it.

It’s time for stars and ships and navigators that are Spirit led.

It’s time for sand clocks, messages in bottles, ashes and dirt. lots of dirt.

It’s time for worms and manure; sure, why not?

It’s time for Church and community and saints and praise.

Devils that want out of the dark.

and medicinal plants.

snow angels, wine, and medium rare steaks.

Cowboy boots, country songs, some good beer, and no more spreadsheets.

bare feet, kites, sand castles, and cloud counting.

roses, daffodils, peonies, and narcissi.

sunlight broke thru again.

blood and tears is what it takes.

sometimes the light burns.

but i’m not wearing anymore sunscreen.

and i don’t need you to block me from it, so stay out of my fucking way.