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traditional psychology tells you that at mid life your *dreams* shatter.
Funny, but i find that i am having new dreams.
Dreams that are lucid, attainable, palpable, even.
Leading this vanguard,
I have my dragon by the reigns;
I didn’t have to crush her, I only had to control her.
and I’m the one breathing fire now.


I’ve found oneness, stillness,
and a vision of healing love.


Empowered by this vision quest,
I find myself renewed.
It’s funny that somethings have to die in order that we may live.
Sitting under the Bodhi tree, visiting the Oak of Tabor, considering the Terebinth and Oaks of Moreh…. I think of Christ, I think of the the Phoenix, and I think of the Lotus flower.

Feeling Grateful, I whisper Hallelujah, Namaste, Hare Hare, and AMEN.