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i listened to the moody blues album you gave me tonight
since you are getting married tomorrow
i thought i should let it all go.
in case i was holding on without realizing it.
i was expecting some dramatic emotional display on my part.



ain’t got time for that shit.
thought i did?  i truly expected to be all sad tonight.
all the train rides, expectations, sequoias, sunsets….
countless books and albums…
i must’ve done this before. released you.
because –
i actually
just feel…..

like dancing!
like james brown dancing.
bass and horns. maybe a table top.
james brown GETS ME.
he gets me.
we never agreed on that kind of energy anyway.
i was always too much high for you.
so yeah.

see ya around.
maybe the kids you didn’t want to have will be friends with mine someday.