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i heard the freaking crows this morning.
i ignored it, but you know how they don’t really let you ignore them.
you’d be proud that i didn’t call them ravens.

i can’t write any more tonight.
i’ve been composing music without words,
because i don’t want to hear my thoughts.

what i really want to do,
is listen to the cure,
get drunk,
feel sorry for myself,
and think of you.
and just think of you.
and maybe stab myself.
a little.

i heard “Just Like Heaven” on the radio today.
Ruined my damn day.
so i listened to it again.
just to ruin it a little more.
it was lovely.

and so now i’m stuck on the playlist.
on youtube.
“friday, i’m in love”, “love song”,
“Just Like Heaven”,
but i can’t watch them because they whig me out.