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(aw, flip)
i love the way you spin me
and my hair’s flying like a whispy wildflower.
you free me to fly but catch me like i’m your very own kite
a kaleidoscopic kite

you pull me down on you,
but just for a quick taste,
and then i’m whirling in the wind again
the breeze tickling where you licked me

but there’s a canopy overhead
keeping me from flying away from you
and there’s a trampoline below
so that we are constantly colliding into one another
just the way it should be

i feel like a pixie doll, filled with ecstasy,
hanging from your arms
you must know all the tricks of the trapeze artist
the way that you keep catching me after i fall.
i grab onto your flexed trapezoids and
don’t want this circus to end,
unless we are both shot out of the cannon together
all the way back to the star we came from