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i had a dream that i flew with an eagle.
the eagle stretched out it’s wings and i grabbed on.
it was like a hand i knew forever.

he wasn’t hard to find.
he was waiting for me in the brush.
i asked him, “can i join you?”
and he, nearly, casually replied, “i was waiting for you.”

i stretched out my arms and we soared above many places that i’d never been.
Lake Iseo with Christo’s artwork, the Roman ruins, the Indian/Hindu temples, the China wall….

everything was glittering, including me.
i noticed that i was glistening, like yellow and white light sparkling in the dew.

He asked me, “Do you know why everything glistens?”
and i replied, “no, but it’s so lovely.”

and he responded, “I’ve taken many people for a tour up here.  Not everyone sees the same thing.  But the glistening you see…it’s yours.  take it home.   it can be yours wherever you go…you have glitter in your eyes.  Not everyone does, you know.”

I agreed to take it home.

then I woke, and it was pitch black. but i knew that was deception.

I am looking for the glitter everywhere I go.