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I know better.
I know what I feel won’t disappear over time.
We all know how this really works.

I had blackberries and black coffee for breakfast. Why would i eat an aphrodisiac for breakfast? Not a very good distraction.

You can’t think someone away. You can control what you do with your emotions, but you can’t change what you actually feel for them.

I listened to Christina Perri’s “head or heart”. I did about fifty push ups after some yoga and some squats. I listened to morning jacket, cigarettes after sex, and reviewed some neuroanatomy since I have a job interview this week. I’ll be drilling the amygdala again.

Nice distractions. Dark chocolate. Staying away from the booze so I don’t rip my fucking heart out of my chest. Thanks.

Someone’s going to tell me time will help me forget. Go ahead. Try me.