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hey baby,

let’s scrape together every dime, nickel, whatever we have….
i’ll sell my korg…i don’t care, i have to do this shit!
I want to go walk on water in Lake Iseo, don’t you?
Fucking Christo! He’s at it again!!….God, I love his art…
I know you must, too?


I know it costs a lot.
fuck it, right?
Let’s go, baby.
it’d be amazing.
we’d walk on WATER together.
can you smell the air?
God, I’d hold your hand the whole time, I know I would;
I’m scared of sharks. WTF.
Well, whatever. Who cares.
Idk if it’s salt or fresh water.
I don’t care!
It’s worth it!
OMG. We will be in Italy together? Can you imagine?

I can.
I imagine holding onto you and smiling and watching every single step we take
on those orange, floating piers. and i’d keep kissing your biceps.
it’d make me feel safer.
omg. i love christo! ugh…
it sucks that his wife has to miss all of this :/
and there’s so much we could do within hours of the exhibit.
what a fantasy vacay!!!
omg. we will make love for hours. HOURS. HOURS!!!
Milan, Florence, Venice…
My dad’s hometown in Trieste…the Adriatic- we could swim, boat, beach comb….
I’d just die.
I’m dying now thinking about you and the sea with the montagne panorama.
but, especially….YOU!
You and me! in Italy??!!
wine tasting? sea side? sunsets? O.M.G.
Okay. text me. text me and let me know! Let’s make it happen???
we need to book this!
it’s happening….pretty much…now…
June 18 through July 3!!

Okay….text me!!