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here’s the song I wrote about Sagitta and the Hero’s Journey (Campbell/Jung).


meet me at the arrowhead trail head
tell me you love me and i’ll fall into your arms
you’ll teach me the bluebird’s song when we stop at the waterfall
and i’ll get lost in your charm
but when arrows cross, someone’s always bleeding
and you’ll be the one to survive

You’ll hold me in your arms for what
seems like eternity
and i’ll be so glad you’re here with me
as my breathing gets shallow
and you deeply kiss my face
The journey home is long
but it’s too short with you
and the journey home is hard
but it’s easier in your arms


Lift me up! So high above your head
So I can reach the stars and shine, again
Lift me up! you hold me in the stars
I’m counting on your strong arms
to get me all the way to sagitta

Thank you for the lift, I love it in the sky
and now, in return, I’ll be your arrow in the night
You can use me to chase away your demons,
save Prometheus from eagles,
or whatever weighs you down.
Will you find me every night?I’ll be watching as you fight
with your strong strong arms that brought me here
you got me here


We all need a hero, to hold on, hold onto….
but even when your hero’s gone,
you know that hero really needed to,
to hold you too