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so it’s been a few weeks of working on this tune….just need to put the lyrics out there and the rest will come together shortly after a little recording opportunity…it’s amazing how songs end up with lives of their own…i have a friend who is going through some really rough times right now, and through her story of anguish, i found the energy i needed to sublimate into art form.  unbelievable to me that this can happen, but that’s art for ya.


Steamship Arabia (see Kansis City, 1856….http://1856.com/)


they packed all their dishes, their shoes, their dreams of the west

and somehow like Jonah, their ship had to stand the test

the test for all time so that somehow their story’s told

this story of pioneering hope and how somethings don’t grow old… 

there’s much more to life than sweet pickles and perfumes

she dreamt of ending slavery and maybe published poetry

even those rubber shoes and oh what their sales would yield

now an ode to those Hawley boys 

for all of their hope out in the cornfield….



oh Arabia, give me your courage to sink though withstand

all the turbulent silent nights, regrets, hopes, sorrows…

help me hold on to my cargo


they brought their beads aboard in hopes to set up shop

and all that booze to ease what the liniment could not

the axes her husband’s tool…all his carpentry

he always seemed busy…but they’d build a church to set them free

they just had to get out west, the rivers there were lined with gold

like us, their media sold them stories, oh…how they were fooled

with fine food and spirits …cathedral bottles, militia

oh they felt safe there aboard the arabia



in the muddy missouri,

too thick to drink, to thin to plow

in the muddy missouri,

with the lone stubborn donkey,

that ship stood her ground