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i’m working on a new composition.  it’s in the very early stages, like pre-conception….

it’s another shipwreck story then i’ve been able to read a bit about.  i’ve considered taking this one from different angles because there’s a lot of potential to work with in the story:

the wreck

the wrecker 

the goal

the salvaged

the lost

the site


the water.

where to go with the lyrics will depend on the existential (subjective) musings!

i keep asking myself about the “reception of the audience”, which i’ve never asked before, but it’s a different shipwreck so i’m bound to have different experiences here. … and different audiences…..a HA! so that’s what it is mostly that’s creating such critical dilemma.  i need to let that lie alone.  i need to remember that i’m writing about this to explore and uncover and illuminate.    

musically, i am toying around with two different approaches; one historic to it’s time, the other, cultural to it’s name.