i live a little closer to the observatory now and celebrate this as i long for something idealistic to hold on to…..somehow, outer space and the stars…..all just so ….. classically celestial.  

i remember reading that midlife is when our dreams are crushed…i don’t know if that’s exactly what i’d say it feels like, it’s more like there’s not time to dream and not room for dreaming anymore and i know that the stars hold mine, just like the ocean holds my emotional world.  it’s good to spend some time searching the stars and navigating the sea.

do you have a psychological landscape?

dreams in the stars

emotions in the seas

where, oh, where is my brain?

as i’m trying to navigate into a more tech savvy world, i find that i don’t enjoy reading “science” on my tablet, just like i didn’t enjoy teaching without good ole chalk on a board….

my brain is probably best revealed and imaged in the lead of pencils and among the pores of the pages of books.

where is my soul?

i recently read a music review about a deceased jazz artist who was described as sharing “soul on soul”

I don’t know what that is supposed to mean, but it sounds like something that would be said about a jazz artist.  when i try to imagine my soul in “music”….it doesn’t fit…though i guess it wouldn’t “fit” in music as is too ethereal-  sound waves last forever!

my soul seems to be a wandering type, likened to my gypsy ancestors, migrating, experiencing, being with others and the eternal Other.  bouncing and never ending.

dreams, emotions, brain, soul…..


oh, yeah….sunny beach, absolutely.  ALL beach.

here’s to all of the above ❤