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Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion Map

i am slightly obsessed with buckminster fuller this summer, the grandnephew of beloved margaret fuller. the myriad of his legacy of contributions as an engineer/inventor/social philosopher/architect range from the geodesic dome (think Epcot, Disney World; think Bucky Balls, named in honor of Fuller) to the Dymaxion car/house/man/maps (which have no up or down direction), to synergetics & sustainability (inspiring the Colorado commune “Drop City”)

The Buckminster Fuller Institute annually awards $100,000 to a project that meets the standards the Fuller himself set to attain in his own design work. According to the Buckminster Fuller Insitute website, Fuller

combined an emphasis on individual initiative and integrity with whole systems thinking, scientific rigor and faithful reliance on nature’s underlying principles”

and entrants whose projects present this initiated rigor, may find themselves receiving the honor of the award.

Check out the finalists for this year’s award: