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Jupiter's Moons, image courtesy of NASA
Io, Europa, Ganymede, & Callisto

so my three new fish, tiny little rainbow guppies, are named bubbles, pika, and “moon of Jupiter,” specifically, “Callisto,” however, when I can’t remember the proper name, I refer to him as “moon of Jupiter.” This apparently fits right in with 20th century thinking as several of Jupiter’s other moons are simply numbered with roman numerals. Jupiter V definitely has a ring to it 😉

As a confused deconstructionist meets romantic, I often falter between postmodernly thinking that something like a name means absolutely nothing more than what’s been assigned by some who’ve attained power in our culture to crying over the romantic beauty of tradition involved in building meaning from the roots of language. I can’t even really say why I named one of the smallest fish (guppy) after something as large as a moon, but at the time, it seemed all-together naturally fitting 🙂 needless to say, to curb my over-analytical tendencies, i’ve been spending a lot of time enjoying things without words; my fish, nature, orchestral movements, and silent films.

some up-coming blogs will touch on the following:
listening to music- often sequences are perceived as a series of notes that have been repeated before and have gathered cultural value, and then there’s the curiosity of what’s occurred culturally to allow the perception and beauty of all the musical modalities that the Greeks once considered evil and unacceptable because they were used by tribes that they didn’t like/trust. when and how quickly did this occur and was there notated evidence that other tribes felt the same? was there other documentation?(note to self: I’d love to run a neonatal ethnomusicology study on perception of modes)

my mirror neurons seem to still be firing and know what it is to feel alive, breathing, aching…..i seem to find the most entertainment from animals that are showing social/nurturing activity and I’ve started a new preference for trees that are blooming (a few years ago, bare trees were all the rage. LOVED bare branches) nothing like wildlife to create a sure sensation of being human, talking about setting up conscious objectivity, hahah- us vs them.

lastly, i’ve been indulging in silent films, some of which I’m not sure I understand, others that have abstractly moved me beyond, but all of which have reminded me that expression is part of human nature in a way that I am not sure nature does consciously, though I recognize nature expresses through evolutionary trends of defense, attraction, and instinct. (please share your debates on this issue)

thank God for a good comic relief of a shipwreck story, putting my every wondering mind to rest for a few minutes, thanks to Charlie Chaplin 😉 without any spoken dialogue, this film is able to convey what we share as human in our expression: humor, attraction, denial, protection, deceit, and a slue of other…….WORDS. (note to reader; yes, i’m well aware that Izard has not defined any of these as the 7 universal emotions- this will inevitably come up in another blog) in the meantime, enjoy the silence and I hope you enjoy the film 😉

p.s. when typing my title to this ranting, raving blog, I realized I would be remiss to not include Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence” as a post script 😉