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sigh… i love how respighi grasps at the edge of my mood… i can be “on the fence” and “defiant” …..and, there it is…calling me to change…
of change, of the trasient beings that we are called to be and that we proclaim to be…this is the beauty of art πŸ™‚
it’s my birthday weekend and i have the luxury of enjoying the Pittsburgh Symphony present these glorious selections of transience in proximity to their premiere anniversary:
Fountains of Rome and Pines of Rome...
looking forward to some time a foot in Rome (SOME DAY!!) when there is nothing to cause an effete effort in my art, vacation, or spirit πŸ™‚

Here’s the first movement of Pines of Rome:

… which exudes radiance and accomplishment. I like to imagine the height of the pines when listening to this. the other movements are readily available on Youtube.

Here’s the first movement of the Fountains of Rome:

(this one has best sound quality and intonation out of 7 samples I tried on youtube.)
Enjoy!! The other movements are readily available. I love how ethereal this piece is; it’s relaxing, like water often is- and it is often sporadically climactic- like a bursting fountain πŸ™‚ hard to express in words. Hope you enjoy, I know I will be appreciating it this weekend.

It’s such a great reminder of how transition and transformation appear in art, in nature, in our percept of “nature”….the courage to create, knowing that it may be ridiculed, demolished, and/or promulgated- a range of contemplation and/or contention. so, for what it’s worth….:)