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Realizing I cannot articulate like Rousseau, here’s a little musical Sturm und Drang:

the storm hits!!! Here’s a great clip from Haydn’s overture to the opera, L’isola, a comic, shipwrecked opera. In this clip, the passionate storm kicks in at around 1:30, 3:30, and again around 7:00 – with a very classical, tutti style: the orchestra is running in parallel octaves, isorhythmically, some isomelodically.

Further thoughts….classic, pure, parallel passion…rather Aristotelian…doesn’t quite “feel” like a shipwreck to me, but I can certainly feel the intensity in the scale movement and grandiosity of the orchestra. This is a big difference between classical, pre-romantic, and romantic music. ’nuff said. hear for yourself 🙂