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ah. a good cup of earl grey will make most days better. Those English and Indian teas come from generations of trial…making some perfect cups for us who wait. (that sounded more like a Heinz commercial, the Pittsburgher in me strikes again!)

Speaking of waiting, my music video is ALMOST complete, and many thanks to you who contribute support to the efforts 🙂 Glad to see so many cross-over friends from facebook popping up on here! Go networks!

Speaking of networks, my “Shipwrecked” album was recently reviewed by Roctober Magazine, where it reviews that we really have our “ship” together and describes us as “heroin jazz with vocals, but subtract the heroin”. this not only made me laugh but it also made me want to read more about their reviews, hoping to catch more clever comments 😉 Come to find out that Jake Austen, editor of Roctober, also contributed to a book called, “Flying Saucers Rock ‘n’ Roll: Conversations with Unjustly Obscure Rock ‘n’ Soul Eccentrics”- featuring some illustrations, reviews, and interviews they’ve collected in Roctober. Looks like they are known for creating their own “genres”, which I can appreciate, as it’s often hard to categorize music in the extant genres; not to mention the fascinating illustrations! Mostly though, I kind of like thinking of my music creating an opiate euphoria without the drug, many thanks, Roctober Magazine! Maybe that’s why it’s so hard to wait for the next release, “Cuban Years.” withdrawal?