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I’m settling into my routine with my head & heart in the stars. Really, I’m just bringing my dreamy eyes home after time in Hawaiian paradise. Nothing like the drop tuning of slack key guitar (Hawaiian cowboy) to set the mood for reminiscing.

a few notes from the travel log:

coastal sunrise, sunset all within a few hours’ drive; Eastern most point of the islands @ Cape Kumakahi Lighthouse (we had to breathe some of the cleanest air in the world); humpback whale mating/birthing/breaching (we got mugged in Maui!); looking for the squonking Nenes, wild pigs/donkeys/rats/mongeese(NO SNAKES IN HAWAI’I) in the ever changing micro-climates; fumbling with their 12 letter alphabet (A, E, H, I, K, L, M, N, O, P, U, W- with many latin dipthongs) while ingesting the intoxicating lava flow drinks (pina colada with strawberry, yum!); checking out the Old Kamaoa wind farm at the Southern most point of the U.S. @ Ka Lae Point/Lighthouse; racing the sun to the green sands of Papakolea Beach; crater, sand, and lava jogging/crawling/dancing; twisting through the road to Hana (and laughing about the mesquite trees that were used to encourage natives to wear clothes to church and wanting to make candles out of the nuts of the state tree, Kukui); admiring pineapple, papaya (and the horrors of Monsanto), & bread fruit trees; and avoiding Spam (Hawai’i is the #1 consumer of Spam…even on McDonald’s menu!!…remnant of war efforts)…driving, swimming, driving, swimming….

we enjoyed slowing down to a pig roast (cooked in emu) at sunset, all the while being deliciously entranced by the hula dancers that told the myth of Hawai’i’s genesis.

Scorpius Constellation; Photo rights: http://www.allthesky.com/

According to the Polynesian legend of the demi-god Maui, young Maui was given a magical fishhook to go fishing with his older (and quite tantalizing) brothers. He’s told that the hook is magical and that he should keep it a secret. As his brothers’ backs are turned, Maui fishes in the ocean and immediately feels a strong pull/force on his hook. After reeling and reeling, Maui pulls the Hawaiian islands from the ocean’s floor. After revealing all of the islands, the magical canoe, Uluao, carried the fish hook into the heavens and stayed in the sky as a series of stars called “Ka makau nui o Maui” (Maui’s Fishhook).

There’s something in the stars alright.