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wasn’t expecting to get another post in, but here I am at the car dealer, trying to get my inspection to pass before heading to Hawaii…aaaaand, wasn’t expecting to be here for 4 hours! so after watching the Ellen show and Justin Bieber holiday donations, I decided to have some cerebral fun & research about Hawaii shipwrecks and came across a little more history of Captain George Pollard, Jr…..

French Frigate Shoals Map

National Geographic announced that archeologists found the whaling ship, the Two Brothers, in the French Frigate Shoals. I’m particularly excited about this history as one of the plans for time in Hawaii is to go whale watching (it’s humpback whale season). Not only is this area known for whale watching, but it’s also known for its colonies of sea birds, (go birders!! I’ll be curious to see if these rare species fill any frequency deficits!), algae, and reef systems. More about the islands of the shoals later.

Now back to Cpt. Pollard. He captained & survived the sinking of the Essex, (where he ate his cousin), captained & survived the sinking of the Two Brothers, and according to this National Georgraphic article, came to be “known as a Jonah” by Nantucket residents. It was within a three year period that both of these whale ships were sunk under his hands, so one can understand the announced archetype, however, what’s amazing to me is the courage this man had to get back on a whaleship within 3 years after surving the Essex disaster and eating his cousin!!?? Really? wow. I would’ve enjoyed doing shots with this guy. what kind of shot do you drink with a guy like this? really???? irish car bombs? goldschlager? maybe buttery nipples? i haven’t the foggiest. At any rate, I’ll have to write another song for the Two Brothers or for Captain Pollard himself. I am deeply moved by this guy. jimminy.

So my song, “things,” was dedicated to Ahab & the Essex, which I blogged about recently, see more here.

The last song on my CD, Shipwrecked: from birmingham to jericho with no prozac, was dedicated to Noah’s Ark. The song, “Candour”, is really about getting to experience such a paradise, like the promise of the ark, a new creation without fear of disaster in the promise of the rainbow. To experience love without agony, to experience creation without destruction…what a mythical wish! It’s quite symbolic to get to go to this paradise for my honeymoon:)
Tern island, known as the Noah’s Ark of the Hawaiian Isles, is 34 acres of wildlife refuge right there in the French Frigate Shoals. (great article about it here) Squeeee! my car is done. and like the song lyric, “free me, delectably, to the outdoors… Refreshing intensity, I’ll beg for more…restless and waiting, i’m anticipating this candid world…with You.” Aloha, baby 🙂