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Happy New Year! So many thanks to each of you who are offering such great support to my music project and to my “life” project with your kindness and thoughtfulness. It’s been an amazing year for me, filled with many transitions and many thanks to all of you who have been helping along the way. I expect to release our first music video in the next few weeks, though will be on a short hiatus from the computer. Lots of great things in store for 2012!!!

The next to last song on my CD, Shipwrecked: from birmingham to jericho with no prozac, “breathe” is about this kind of new life stuff 🙂
It’s all about the spirit of life, how God moves through us like sunlight and regardless of our faulty thoughts, choices, lifestyles, we are blessed by God’s presence. Sometimes that is through other people; sometimes it’s through nature; sometimes through intellect, dialogue, emotions…

Split Rock Lighthouse Architecture Design

I dedicated this song to the Madeira wreck in Lake Superior (1905), both because it was a “transition” kind of ship [schooner-barge] and because after it’s awful wreck, the Pittsburgh Steamship Company decided to build the famous “Split Rock Lighthouse” to protect those at sea – I like to imagine the architect drawing up the blueprints, loooong before autocad existed.

and yet another attribution to the collection of good resulting from catastrophe 🙂 So here’s to all the lighthouse heroes out there and to the promises of tomorrow! CHEERS!