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song #8 is called “woman”.

everyone knows this holistic philosophy about “facing your fears” and “embracing your weakness” and “authenticity”…..and i can think of several existentialists, humanists, eastern philosophers that encourage us to do just that. (read Rollo May & Krishnamurti for a boost of this…only dose as needed)

while breaking myself apart and hoping to achieve some transcendence in doing so (note to self, don’t ever ever ever do this again). it was quixotic moratorium, an epic journey in which i had to claim identity to survive. otherwise, someone (maybe the whale) would’ve eaten me, …just like Jonah….it’s just how it goes when you’re floating around in the ocean.

Jonah and the Whale

along the way, i met several heroes and figures that helped to break me apart:
(caution to the reader: the following images only represent the people i met, none of these images are actually the persons i refer to as cyclops, hunchback, witches, or monks)

i met a cyclops:

i met a hunchback:

and i met some crazy blind witches:

and a monk:

St. Anthony

and i met a captain:
i didn’t meet molly kool in person, but i met her in spirit. i was looking for heroes and role models. molly kool was the first woman to be licensed as a ship’s captain in North America, and seeing that she persevered to fulfill her dreams and had such familial support, her determination and strength spoke to me. Check out the NYTimes article about her life, a true inspiration.

there’s really been a lot of magical story along this journey. i hope it continues.

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