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concrete bags from Catherine Monahan wreck

Several miles south of the Diamond Shoals, (Cape Hatteras), 8/24/1910, the Catherine M. Monahan sank, along with her cargo of Portland cement. As you know, anhydrous cement mixed with water creates insoluble hydrates….thus, these bags of cement solidified (together)and have created a cement wall on the ocean floor. I’d like to sink to the ocean floor and just stare at this wall. many do, there’s apparently a great deal of wildlife living in this wall 🙂
this is the Monahan cement wall that is my silver wall. the shipwreck remains are nearly gone…though this cement wall remains, like a piece of art, like a piece of distant architecture from an amphitheatre in pompeii (thinking Floyd’s concert there, ouch)…

when Nightingale and i were together, i bought him this amazing oil painting and decided that the walls needed to be painted silver for the full affect of the painting.

it was silver stereo surround sound and became the perfect place for writing my song, “prophecy.” It was my cement wall. it didn’t need to be torn down- i was singing to the silver wall, like a mirror, it didn’t absorb, it didn’t feel ….it just simply reflected it…

and like the nature of specular reflection….what came back at me was not depression at all, it was pure light, it was beauty, it was serenity, it was rescue…it was not my depression; i was feeling for someone else, which freed me of my own sadness, though helped me to recognize that other people were hiding behind walls, behind dark walls, not light walls.

my silver wall was such a muse to me. i often imagine it……… it’s like sitting on the bottom of the ocean staring at a silver cement wall and seeing that sometimes, solidity & creation come from disaster