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song #5, face- umbrella philosophy caption could read-

movement from Sartre’s “No Exit” to Buber’s “Ich und Du”.

song #5 embraces the multiplicity of our existence, mostly the wrestling of the real vs the ideal. the only way around this dilemma is to embrace the beauty in the wrestling; that there is a gift in our patience and attention to our heart’s call from the mystery of creation, from the mystery of seeking, from the mystery of God. we mostly fall prey to escaping the real self by hiding in the ideal, the socially acceptable, the expectational self…

the swedish Vasa:
this dichotomy becomes apparent in the wreck of the Vasa… the real vs the ideal…this swedish war-ship, built in 1628. her king (Gustav Adolf II), her architect, and captain all denied the reality of her faulty structure. They were so captivated by what they thought she was (and what they wanted her to be) that she sank on her maiden voyage, after a mere 1300 meter as described on it’s very own museum’s website= http://vasamuseet.se/sv/
the website describes who was at fault:

Vice Admiral Klas Fleming, partly. He had been present before the ship sailed, when the captain demonstrated how crank the ship was by having 30 men run back and forth across the upper deck. On their third pass, the ship was ready to capsize at the quay. The admiral was heard to say that he wished the king were there.
King Gustav II Adolf, partly. He ordered a large ship with so many heavy-calibre cannon, and approved the ship’s dimensions.
Master shipwright Henrik Hybertsson, partly. He was a talented shipbuilder who had delivered several successful ships to the navy, but he had too little experience with building ships with two gundecks.
Captain Söfring Hansson, ultimately. Vasa’s sinking can also be blamed on the captain. It would have been safer to sail the ship with the lower gunports closed, since he knew the ship was unstable. It might have been possible to redistribute weight in the ship or even rebuild it. If the inquest were held today, the captain would probably be held responsible.”

the song, “face,” really is about this dilemma- the real vs the ideal; the search for the true self, recognizing the multiplicity that others project, that we each present, and that our culture prescribes.

I want to visit this museum someday, but for now, I’ll have to live through the website’s updates. Here is a video clip from the website of the Vasa’s model being painted. Enjoy it. It’s a good Monday thing to do.