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i’m working on a music video for my cd, “shipwrecked: from birmingham to jericho with no prozac.” we filmed in September and are in post-production stages now. i expect it to be released by Christmas and in anticipation of our big day, thought i’d share a little blog about each song on the CD.

#1. deetdah

Commodore George Anson set out with a small fleet of eight English ships in the Pacific in 1740. The goal was to have some control of traffic off the coast of Chile. The Wager was a ship that became separated from this company. The Wager battled stressful storms in the Strait of the Magellan. The weather was severe, as this is the southern most tip of South America, with frigid weather. Only a handful of men survived- the rest died of multiple causes- drowning, starvation, exposure, disease…The result was mutiny aboard the Wager. Interesting and sad history- before this shipwreck, men who were aboard a ship during shipwreck times were not paid or reimbursed for their time spent adrift. I still can’t believe this!! Knowing this, the survivors who rebelled would not have feared authority, as at that current time of shipwreck, they weren’t required to obey code since they were technically not employed….no pay, severe chaos/riots…..this led to major changes in the Royal Navy’s codes for military discipline…You can read one survivor’s account here. (it’s really quite disturbing & violent; hence, the song, deetdah tries to capture the psychology of surviving such distress, though without the graphic reality)