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happy december to you!

i was thinking about fractals in this previous blog, considering sand dunes, waves, and opportunity of pattern. the ocean brings us many gifts that are offered to our whole person (physical [flotsam/jetsam, SAND], emotional- some musical!, cognitive, spiritual). i can’t help but think of Maslow’s heirarchy and the gifts the ocean brought to these youth from Saginaw, MI during the “Project Shiphunt” exploration! i was given a particular gift from the ocean; a light box built of colored glass, right from the sand.

i have this stained glass bust of frederic chopin that is built into a light box. (photo to follow) it is a precious (nightingale artglass) gift that was given to me. chopin is my favorite piano composer; i connect with his polish heritage, his sickness & frailty compensated with his passion, and his obsessive nature over particular harmonies- hard to explore the whys but it is what it is. i admire his work deeply. i sometimes just stare at Chopin’s face of glass and think about his life, thinking about his music, thinking about war-laden Poland of his time. i think about his love trials, his nationalism, his free spirited waltzes; this glass face has been such an inspiration on many days šŸ™‚

glass….the amorphous condition…not crystal, not quite liquid….(macroscopically solid, microscopically liquid)what a fascinating chemistry! glass itself has many uses, many faces, many forms. it’s so mysterious & evocative, always calling for exploration.
sand heated to some ridiculously hot temperature and mixed with limestone and other colored ions; some cooled faster than others, playing with the refractive index, sandblasting it….. glass vials, glass charms, serving as some talisman, phylactery, or amulet for cultural significance; stained glass, opaque glass, cathedral glass, and a whole list of other variations exist thanks to efforts of science experiments! Cat’s paw glass was always a favorite of mine, maybe because of the images it evoked, maybe because of the variation caused by cooling efforts- just blows my mind to think about these laboratories where torches and liquid and limestone and nickel, chromium, & argon can all come together…

we have tiffany, connick, chihuly, and even ecoglass artists like Irwin Timmers to thank for many of their contributions to art glass:

and architects like Richard Neutra (Crystal Cathedral)…insulation, construction, dinnerware, art, magical powers, and symbolism….oh the many faces of glass..