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i’ve been looking for a free (or close to free) piano for my home; it’s probably a temporary home, so i’m thinking of a temporary piano. i’ve had a temporary grand piano. (temporary though well-tempered;) it was a 1936 krakauer. what a piece of construction. i used to take the keyboard out and sand the hammers and fix the broken strings while contemplating the universe and the collective unconscious. HA! oh my beatnik days of glorious ponder 🙂 how i miss them!

i have to find a piano that is small, affordable, and temporary, which means it won’t be contemporary, which is not a complaint, though it’s age will determine its longevity & action, i’m certain. it will exist as a piano until it is destroyed; i’m simply saying that the piano isn’t temporary, though it is finite, but, it will just temporarily be mine.

it has to fit in a particular place and not protract past a particular path. i searched immediately for the miniature pianos, often known as yacht pianos, student pianos, ships pianos. no such luck. will probably settle for my korg trinity (which happens to fit the dimensions exactly!) and buy this amazing sample to elicit feelings of noveltly for myself 😉 [insert dopamine rush!!] i will just imagine the 5 octaves with a folding keyboard…check here to read more about these pianos
s u p e r s w e e t !
at any rate, it’s digital. up to 5 layers of velocity, sure, but it doesn’t respond, it doesn’t absorb, it doesn’t innervate. one of the best things about used instruments is experiencing what I think of as vibro-acoustic entrainment. (entrainment as in my heartbeat matching yours when we are beside one another, or my brain chemistry perhaps [this is heavily researched] responding to acoustics or magnetism and it’s electrical current changing…or breathing patterns changing to match one another’s while ‘spooning’…all examples of entrainment)as wood aborbs heat, sound waves, humidity, etc, it develops & matures, aka, it breathes (the same way some persons think about wine)…you know how if you study a door that is built well, it has boards in the center that allow for the door to expand and contract- same concept- but this entrainment wouldn’t only include the instrument’s mechanics, there’d be vibrational residual of the persons who played before [sound waves actually never stop, they only bounce and get smaller….infinitely…] oh how i’d love to play daily on a ships piano 🙂 i will be day dreaming of this for sure! oh dear mr. pendle poucher, you are indeed a lucky, lucky man- getting to “meticulously sample…every useable white key…”; i am thinking i’d like to do the same someday. (except for reasons other than creating samples)