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under the auspices of the national endowment for the humanities, i was blessed with an opportunity this past summer to participate as a “travelling scholar” at a week long seminar at the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary. i’m not a diver, not an archeologist, and not an historian by any stretch of the imagination, but my desire to participate was precociously preoccupied in my emotional, psychic world; i spent the past ten years working on a CD of original music about psychological shipwreck- issues of poor leadership, mutiny, abandonment, isolation, searching for light/hope, sensory deprivation, alienation, psychosis…

it’d be impossible to summarize my experience, (either at NEH or on my shipwreck music project)though, as it turns out, there’s a great documentary that captures some of the mystery, excitement, and transformation I felt. i’d encourage you to watch this program from Thunder Bay, MI

project shiphunt on current tv from Ryan Pocket Fluet on Vimeo.

as I’m here enjoying a gifted, Chilean malbec, i can’t help ruminating, reflecting, and perhaps even refracting the experience i had at Thunder Bay 🙂 This documentary made me smile so much! Being a “city” girl myself, I really resonate with the “whole new world” experience that these kids describe. I wrote a love song about my time away at the seminar, just trying to really express the awe & connectedness that I felt there during my time of exploration,5 days, though like most things, words just can’t capture the emotional experience. Regardless, I think that the documentary allows for some expression of that which I can’t convey; it’s great to have a way of sharing the technology, archeology, history, and world of insight that this kind of exploration cultivates 🙂 Enjoy and relish.