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fract-o-rama. yep. it’s there, right on the web. God I love how our imaginations can intertwine.
I’m just returning to Pittsburgh from an awe-inspiring kind of time with my family who live on Fernandina Beach & Amelia Island, where sand dune after dune and wave after wave brought me thought after thought about fractals and sine curves…
I come home, I google “fractal rama” and instant electromagnetic attraction at it’s finest.

you know, researching erasers gave me the same jolt.
did you know that the electric attraction from the rubber and friction is greater than the attraction that the paper fiber has on the lead and this is why it is removed from the paper? There’s similarly interesting chemistry/physics involved in how papyrus beckons the lead to stay in its pores. This is mostly what I was thinking about amidst the pine trees that are used for paper logging at the mill there in Fernandina. Chemical and physical attractions and what does this all have to do with patterns and fractals???

I was thinking about relationships and cycles and the visit to the crazy Fountain of Youth and Ponce de Leon and American History and about what is written and what is retained and what is forgotten and what is verboten, (considering these maiden voyages, conduits of electricity, family history, heirarchies) and i couldn’t help myself to consider the patterns around me. historical, chemical, familial, biological. at once, i realized that i didn’t fear this as a reductionist view when i remembered that fractals exist in amplified form and suddenly i am overwhelmed with God and infinity all over again.

Give thanks, my friends.

and then there was a moment of breathing amongst the Spanish moss covered liveoaks, thinking about how either the birds bring the moss to the trees year after year in some Walt Disney-esque kind of tale-like way, or how the Cherokee myth about the indian’s hair was lingering in the trees, or how the cycle of the life of pollenation rhythmically occurs and I just felt so blessed.

I feel like a little kid right now because as I type the next phrase, I realize that I am in narrating mode, forgive me, but here I go anyway:

and then I was enjoying my morning coffee with my father-in-law, listening to Rachmaninoff’s 3rd piano concerto (on my request) and I happened upon their coffee table reading, “The Soul Tree.” I can’t help but to offer it to you each as a resource of transformative, lush poetry, as it stirred my heart & soul more than the native Florida scenery did because I felt this moment of being understood and of grasping and of knowing that someone else felt things like I do. Probably like you do, too. It was right there in Laura Hope-Gill’s pages and it is moving and growing and breathing. and when these attractions occur, we can be sure there’s some pattern of connection involved even though we can’t see it. electro-static fractal breath.