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reflecting on C.S. Lewis’ Four Loves today. we celebrated my baby brother’s 28th birthday last night; he’s a bartender and we had an entire bar reserved for him (quite the show!!). there must’ve been about 100 people there that i’d never met before and most of them knew him from his work. they all told me how much they loved him (he is quite loveable- he’s like a big rotweiler puppy; playful, cute, & fierce) He was telling me about his recent black belt training (he’s also a prison guard) and how his instructor is going through a rough time with a recent break-up; apparently the sparring they’ve conducted has been a good release for his instructor’s hurting heart. i keep thinking about this today; sparring to relieve heart ache…..i haven’t ever tried that. i do use my boxing gloves from time to time, though it’s usually some big bag that i’m hitting and i don’t have to dodge my opponent’s retaliation. been a long time since i’ve swung at a moving target. i wonder if “dodging” the counter attack is part of the relief for the heart ache? dodging, as in an active pursuit of avoiding the contact and pain. woah. that was just my deep thought for the day. (and maybe for the week?)

here are some other “deep thoughts” but from my ultimate favorite, none other than Jack Handey, whose actual thoughts are not allowed to be reproduced on my page, so go enjoy them here! i would love to own that whole collection. man do i love these: astronaut insanity, progress, fuzzy memories, disney land….heheheh