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as i prepare my shopping list for Thanksgiving baking needs, i can’t help but hesistate, having just recently finished listening to Michael Pollan’s audiobook, In Defense of Food. He critiques the newer ideology of “nutritionism” and cautions that Westerners are caught in a disorder of “orthorexia”: an unhealthy obsession for eating healthy.
HA! I love this man’s brain! He warns of the woes that the reductionist approach to studying “parts” of food has caused; that is, we are thinking more about eating food “parts” than simply enjoying “food.” The cross-cultural studies that he shares about the French perspective of food vs American was also poignant: when Americans were shown a picture of chocolate cake, the majority’s first response was “guilt”, while in France, the first response was “celebration.” Sigh. That is a good summary of the mood of my blog today. According to Pollan, we’ve been conditioned, as a culture, to respond to the objectification of food in such a way that we are overly concerned with it’s fat content, cholesterol, protein, etc, and have forgotten how to EAT. amen? As it seems, the real culprit is not the nutritional content of the food at all, but the processing of it! Other cross-cultural research (Price 1950, Campbell’s China Study, The Nurse’s Study, etc) have shown that persons eating non-western diets do not show correlations with “western” diseases (ie, hypertension, diabetes, and obesity). Summarized advice to the masses: eat more whole foods that are not processed. According to Price, even cultures eating RAW MEAT everyday that was unprocessed fared healthier (and some didn’t even have to brush their teeth!) Get the book. It’s hot.

Speaking of hot, for Thanksgiving, I really want to eat the stuffing, mashed potatoes, turkey, smothered with gravy??? and pizzelles and pumpkin pie and wine and give thanks for how much I enjoy it. I also want to play a ton of music, as I have a week off, and I am going to work on my new stuff that I’ve been wanting to record….on a side note, I really really really want to buy this harp. I’ve played it and I can’t stop thinking about it! What a random insert, I realize, but while I am just trying to enjoy my hot, morning coffee and indulge in sweet wants, I can’t help myself! More about that later. So here I am, so thankful for what I have, looking forward to eating, playing (eat, drink, and be merry? oh the Epicurean in me…) and wanting much, much more of it. Afterall, isn’t motivation a future oriented verb???