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i’m of the “live hard, die hard, ……die old” philosophy. i don’t know if i’m contagious, however, i’m curious about the spread of ideas, information, and illness. i often wonder how our individual lifestyles influence one another vs mass media, and if you didn’t want to catch my bug, i’m sure we can find a vaccine or method of healing you from this contagion. this very curiousity and birthed desire for knowledge, according to Sex in Education by Dr. Clarke(1872), would put me at risk for ill health. At the onset of the age of women achieving college degrees, Dr. Clarke feared, (and promulgated), that education was a health risk for women! What I love about this recent blog via the AAUW (American Association of University Women), is that a group of women responded in 1885 with a scientific study to investigate these health concerns, validate their choices, and to vindicate their educational pursuit. Now that’s “live hard, die hard, die old”. May it be so. Below is the link to the published research. The AAUW continues to break down barriers for women in academics and the labor force; a sad, vestigial reminder of the sexism that is still a problem, though not nearly as prevalent. While I’m on a “V” roll, might I also take a moment to encourage you to check out the National Women’s History Museum. Definitely check out the statistics- This study is quite comprehensive! (and particularly humorous/slightly degrading [both] from a female scientist’s position???!! wow. I’m sure Marie Curie read this and at least rolled her eyes)1885Research_HealthStatistics