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i just read this research article about women who survived breast cancer and what “self-help” groups and what “journaling” could do for them. The findings were poignant; women who had assistance at “restructuring” their thoughts suffered less anxiety, less depression, etc. In other words, when journaling, they were given as assignment that helped them focus on the situation differently (gaining new perspective). so be thankful for the friends that you have that don’t always agree with you, as they are sometimes giving you a chance to “shift gears,” so to speak. this helps your brain fire in different patterns and allows for change in mood, too. Often, we just want to “feel” what we “feel” and are looking for validation. This is okay for some specific time, but it is important to be able to regulate your emotions/moods and have control over how to shift them 🙂

speaking of shifting gears, check out this AMAZING machinery. I make simple jewlery- we cut everything with a simple jeweler’s saw, and we have a small unit that we’ve turned into a buffer from an old washing machine motor, haha. Me and my bro craft together for a fun night of good beer and metallurgy. we, of course, dream of opening carpentry and metal shops of our own and idealize the lives of the “greener grass”. As reality and practicality remind us, this particular kind of machine would be our competition. just nearly blew my mind.