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while teaching Intoduction to Psychology, I put together these silly rhymes in my free time, which probably meant while driving from point a to point b as most adjuncts have the luxury of experiencing. Rather than allow a new consciousness/persona to emerge like Hacking warned might occur for “travellers”, I try to keep my current status preoccupied with audio books or creative efforts 😉 I spent an hour or so this weekend going through some detoxification in the sauna while reading a book about brain allergies, and as I was considering the theories about proteins, amino acids, and vitamin imbalances, I couldn’t help but recall the rhythmic meter of these poems while I was sweating my you know what off and who knows what out.

anyway, I post these in hope that I might find an “illustrator” or “cartoonist” who is looking for opportunity to do some sketches and try for publication. They are quite “simple” and intended to help persons remember a bit of the theory with an associated name, and as I have a severe impulse to play phonetic loops in my head….Please post or send me a message if you have a suggestion or a toon you’d like to share! I always imagined a near Dr. Seuss-like cartoon accompanying these little ditties:

Franz Gall mapped out the skull in parts spiritual, happy, and blue
But psychology says, this view of your head is no longer considered to be true.

Sigmund Freud made many claims about oral and anal delights
But while using cocaine it’s a challenge to claim that any of his theory is right.
Oral, anal, and phallic stage state that my id can be really bad-
Seeking such pleasure at any old measure including from mom & from dad.

Erickson’s stages take up many pages that range from our start to our end.
He rewrote Freud’s story and stole all the glory by adding a social bend.
Will I trust who I am? Will I give to the world?- these are questions that come from his guide-
Am I good? Who am I? and what I like to do…
Every stage has a crisis inside.

Piaget, Piaget, oh what did you say?
Object permanence, language, and clay?
After one year, the things I see and hear
change from images to words I can say.
And a piece of clay is a piece of clay and the amount of water won’t change?
Conservation applies a little while after five, when backwards thought works in my brain.

Watson, Watson, what’s your story? Stealing little Albert’s glory-
He feared the noise, then feared the rat-
Association is the name of that.
And Skinner learned that over time, rewards & punishment train the mind. The consequence that the operant receives has much to do with chance to repeat.
Behaviorists have taught us to measure everything from pain to pleasure- observable data, charts, and graphs- learning occurs when changes last.

Maslow, Rogers, & Rollo May encouraged that we each have something to say! If surrounded by a path of health, on my fare in human wealth. Our potential is reached through our own free will by the choices we make, not the route of the pill.

By measuring chemicals, sugars or current, a doctor can tell me if something is dormant-
Or active, or resting and what these imply is I’m hurting, or happy, or if I’m alive!
Through brain scans and meters that are all very small, neuroscience has claimed truths most microscopic of all!
The neuron, through electric & chemical trails, tells my body to respond- to stop or to sail!
Whether inhibitory or exciting this message moves fast and the brain controls them all, overseeing their paths.

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