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what a lovely autumn it’s been here in Pittsburgh. The sun radiantly pours through my window and I am eager to get outside to appreciate the colors as I run through the kaleidoscopic trail nearby. I’m so glad to be free.
my morning reading left me contemplating social constructions and the concept of labeling and objectifying. (similar to 11.11.11 entry) Ian Hacking’s writing about the social construction of multiple personality disorder and transient psychosis in Mad Travelers still raises concern for me about the prevalence of many psychological illnesses. Who are these labels serving and servicing? Advocates for and against Spitzer’s intitial categories in the DSM are still arguing about this, and USA Today’s article makes mention that creating new disorders as our culture changes may benefit some and hurt others. The questionable diasgnosis is “internet addiction disorder”….REALLY??? It is the ageless question of what came first, the chicken or the egg? Hacking believes, as many post-modernists, that the label is created by those with power and that this should be thought of as a caution in our world of heirarchical reference. I can’t help but think of a favorite Rage Against the Machine song, “Wake Up” and the Anti-Psychiatry movement fueled by RD Laing….