give me your butterscotch


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i was walking along
i was singing my song
i was out for a date
i was already late
he was up on a hill
sorta icy and chill
and i knew there was no goodbye

he was up in my face
so i gave him my lace
and he pulled out a box
it held 3 butterscotch
then he asked me to dance
and i jumped at the chance
and i knew there was no goodbye

i gave him a golden key
he gave me a golden moon

i gave him a golden tree
he gave me a golden truth

i gave him my silver cage
he gave me a crumbled page
that was engraved
with a map to heaven

there’s falling stars
and the wild things where you are

a grey ride & inside joke


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you know when you find that grey crayon ….
and you wonder,
how much life can i bring you?

everyone is always bitching about the grey areas.
they bitch about accepting them.
they bitch about understanding them.
they bitch about making them more distinctive….

maybe try whale watching, bitches.
grey: magnificent, beautiful, resilient, voyaging.
now that’s a ride.

did you see the movie “whale rider”? it’s fantastic.
sorry, inside joke.