they call us home


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when you have a dream
that makes you feel
sooooo alive?
don’t stop it.
it is moving you.
it is teaching you.
it really… you?
that dream….
take it in, embody it,
it might just be that it
is a part of you
a part that you’d
and nobody likes to be forgotten
so let it in.
let it take you somewhere
let it take you back
back to you.
back home.
cause dreams do that.
they call us home.

blue mink


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working on a new tune

when I found my blue mink
my heart did everything
that it does
to keep my mind
from thinking straight
those blue bird skies
dont seem to fade away

the grey grey ground
and blue blue skies
my feet sink down
and my heart still flies

bluuuuue mind
thanks for your time
you pull me up
from something grey
grey grey ground
blue blue skies
oh bluuuuuue mind
thanks for your time

and my feet sink
and the blue bird sky
and some good thinks
make me blue for you too

blue mink
feet sink
heart flies
blue sky