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i’m glowing
not like before
not like the bright lights
of fireworks

not like the constancy of
the bright moon or sun
or any of the celestial
that’s too grandiose.

not like a birthday candle
that’s full of surprises
and is waiting for you
to blow it out

and not like a
decorative candelabra
theres just
too much flickering


its like a warm and steady glow
of a lantern
Like my heart is finally alight
and with an open chest
it is leading the way thru the dark

star wish


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I made a wish tonight
it was a dream forgotten
maybe you have one too.
maybe someone told you
to stop chasing it
and that it made no sense
or it had no value


it gave you life!!
and wasn’t that the
most valuable gift?
and it was at your core
and it didn’t have to
COST a thing from you
but it was WORTH
because it was

and somehow…
you realize you are
that you open your eyes
to see the new version
of the old
dream dream dream?
and it was there from
the beginning
and will be to the end.
and it was GIVEN

this is amazing grace.
amazing grace.
let it go
let it be
let it be so

of mice and mythos


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there’s been some time
some time
that I thought it was okay
okay to watch you chase them
and return to me
and I was the cheese

but in this fucking maze
in this maze
that is God given and man made
I am not settling as a prize
im.not a trophy
I am every mother fucking turn
the right turns
the wrong turns
the left turns
the dead turns

yet you choose the distractions
generally blonde ones
the detours
don’t the yellow caution lights
mean a thing to you?

they mean more than a thing to me
they’re like mother fuxking lightning bolts
reminding me of the power that
energy really has
and this shit about the
energy in
creation = destruction?
yeah. I feel that.
its the equation that helps
me to understand
what jealousy actually is

some kind of angel


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I still think you are
some kind of angel
one of those warrior types
like in antiquity
with metallic armour
hanging over your shoulders
while I gawk in awe

I grabbed onto your shoulders
but couldnt hold on
because I’m mortal.
so into the sky
I soared in some kind of trance
over the patchwork hills
looking for more shiny things…

is this why they call it falling in love?
because i fell in love
as you flew away